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Poems Friendship - Khalil Gibran

And a teenager saying, Speak to us of Friendship.

And he answered:
Friends of the purposes of the soul, which must be met.
He was the heart fields, which you sprinkle with love and you reap with gratitude.
And he's also the shade and pendianganmu.
"For you to forget him when the heart and soul looking at Mahu peace.

When he spoke, expressing fikirannya, you're no afraid to whisper the word "No" in kalbumu own, even no you hide the word "Yes".
And when he was still, your heart stops from hearing his heart; kerana without saying words, in friendship, all thoughts, desires, and desires are born with and dikongsi, with no joy terkirakan.
At times separated by a friend, Nor are you sorry;
"For the most you loved in him, maybe you appear to be more clear in its absence, like a mountain for a climber, it seems more glorious than the plain canyon lands.

And no other purpose than to enrich each other except friendship psychological spirit.
"For the love of looking for something beyond the reach of its mystery, is not love, but a net cast: only catch is there is no hope.

And offer the best for your friend.
If he must know surutmu season, let him recognize same pasangmu season.
What the hell's friend if you Sentiasa looking, for just killing time together in?
Find it for the time with the switch!
"For he who can fill the shortcomings, rather than filling kekosonganmu.
And in the sweetness of friendship, let there Share laughter and joy ..
"For a small bead of dew in the morning, to see the dawn of human hearts and fresh ghairah life.

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